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Drywood Termite Control In Sacramento, CA

Expert Drywood Termite Control In Sacramento, CA

Termites are challenging pests that plague homeowners across the country. They are prolific hide-and-seek experts and can be difficult to eliminate from your Sacramento home, business, or rental property. Fortunately, our highly trained pest control technicians at Defender Termite & Pest Management are very knowledgeable about termite behavior. They use their skills and expertise to effectively eradicate troublesome drywood termites from your Sacramento property and protect against future infestations.

Our Drywood Termite Control Process

The best way to protect your property against drywood termites is to take a proactive approach to termite control practices. Preventing an infestation is much easier than eliminating one. However, if you have found yourself facing a drywood termite problem, our expert team of pest control professionals will purge them from your home safely and efficiently following our proven termite control process. California law states that an inspection and written report must be submitted to the property owner before a termite control company can work on your property. A written contract is also required before work can begin.


Our team of licensed experts will carry out a Wood-Destroying Pest and Organism Inspection Report regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs. We will include information about wood-destroying pests and organisms found on your property, damage they have caused, and conducive conditions on the interior and exterior of the building that may lead to future problems. We will also use our findings to develop a treatment plan and eliminate problem pests.

Treatment Options

Our recommendation for treatment options will vary based on the information included in the Wood-Destroying Pest and Organism Inspection Report. We may apply a localized spray treatment or subcontract a licensed fumigation company to perform a structural fumigation treatment. Alternatively, you may choose to employ a fumigation company of your preference. You can rest assured that the fumigation company that we select will be reputable, offer top-quality services, and include a two-year guarantee from the date of completion.

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