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Are The Wasps In Sacramento Dangerous?

June 15, 2020 - Wasps

Do you remember the moment that you found out that wasps are dangerous? Were you attacked on a playground by one of these painful pests when you were young? Did your parents teach you to stay away from wasps from a young age? Maybe no one told you about these pests, and you found out the hard way as an adult that they sting. Regardless of your experiences with wasps and the pain they cause, we have some information you should know. Read on to discover how dangerous wasps really are in Sacramento, why they invade area yards, and what you should be doing to stop these pests.

How Dangerous Are Wasps Really?

Chances are you have not been stung by a wasp in a long time. Most people learn fast and adapt their behavior to avoid these pests as much as possible. The question is, are wasps as scary as you remember them to be? This question all depends on a few things. For one, not all wasps leave behind the same pain factor with their stings. Most species have a sting that rates 2.0 on a 1-4 scale. In our area, however, there is one wasp that hurts more than the rest. They are called paper wasps, and their sting rating is at a 3.0. 

Pain, of course, is not the only symptom of a wasp sting. The average individual develops a welt surrounded by swelling around the sting zone and experiences sharp pain for a few hours. An itching sensation often follows this pain. Being stung several times or being allergic to wasp venom may incite anaphylactic shock. For those unaware, anaphylactic shock is a reaction that may involve symptoms like lightheadedness, difficulty breathing, wheezing, clammy skin, confusion and anxiety, a fast heartbeat, low blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and hives. If you have any of these reactions after being stung by wasps, seek medical attention immediately. To know if you are allergic to wasp venom, consult with your local doctor.

Why Wasps Invade Yards

Wasps will build their nests around yards for a variety of reasons. Before we talk about these reasons, you should know where these pests are apt to build nests. Most of the time, wasps build nests that hang from trees, under the eaves of buildings, and inside sheds. Some species, like paper wasps and yellow jackets, will occasionally build nests underground inside burrows or holes. Keeping these things in mind, wasps will build a nest on a property if food is nearby. These pests consume things like dead or living insects, meats, and sweets. If you eat outside often, have flowers in your yard, feed your pets outdoors, have fruit trees, or have an influx of pests in your yard, these pests might build a nest nearby.

Five Prevention Tips For Wasps

  1. Pick up fruits, berries, and other food that drops into your yard.
  2. Avoid feeding your pets outdoors.
  3. Consider removing flowers and other budding plants from your yard.
  4. Keep beverages and serving plates covered during outdoor gatherings.
  5. Fill in holes and burrows around your property.

What To Do About Nests On Your Property

Regardless of how dangerous wasps are to you, do not try to handle their nests on your own. Instead, hire the experts at Defender Termite & Pest Management. Our highly trained pest control technicians are trained in advanced control measures and equipped with industrial-grade tools and safety equipment. Call us today for any unanswered questions you have about wasps in Sacramento or to schedule your property for an emergency service visit.

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